Global Settings

Global settings is where you can access any of the features that are global to all banks on the Unity6. To access the Global Settings, simply press the middle of the Home Screen then press the Global Settings icon (shown below).


Once inside the Global Settings Menu you can choose between the followings settings:

  • Unity6
  • Loops
  • MIDI


Unity6 Global Settings
  • Max Number of Banks
    • This is where you can select the maximum number of banks the pedal will scroll though when using the footswitches. This only affects the number of banks when scrolling using the footswitches. You can always use a message type to jump to any bank outside of this limit.
  • Program Uni Ports
    • This sets the functionality for each Uni Port 1 thru 4. See here for the complete list of functionality for each UniPort
  • Buffered Input Switch
    • This sets the Unity6's input signal path to be routed either straight to the loops (unbuffered input) or to be routed through our studio grade buffer before routing to the loops. We use the same high end buffer found in many of our pedals which has a 1M input impedance and 100 Ohm output impedance.


Loops Global Settings

Used to activate loops 4 thru 6. If any of these are not activated, assigning a message to a preset to turn any of these loops on/off will not work.



MIDI Global Settings


  • Unity6 MIDI Channel
    • Select the MIDI channel that the Unity6 will respond/listen to when receiving MIDI messages from external devices such as other MIDI controllers or via Bluetooth.
  • Assign Pedals to MIDI Channels
    • Select the MIDI channel and press the text box to name the pedal programmed to its corresponding MIDI channel. There is a 16 character limit when naming your pedal
  • MIDI Thru
    • Turning MIDI Thru on will pass all incoming MIDI messages, received at the MIDI Input jack, though to the MIDI Output jack. If this feature is turned on AND you have created a complete loop with your MIDI chain, this will create an infinite MIDI loop and will lock up your pedal.