Bluetooth Capabilities

The Unity6 has built-in bluetooth which can send and receive MIDI messages wirelessly. Giving you the ability to control software, plug-ins, DAW's, etc. without the need for external hardware and/or wireless adapters.

The Unity6 can receive MIDI messages via bluetooth and then use those messages to relay MIDI information out through the 5-pin MIDI connector. This allows you to control your complete pedalboard by receiving messages from your DAW (Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic, etc.), Multitracks' Playback app, or Loop Community's Prime app.

The Unity6 can receive MIDI PC messages to change banks and also receive MIDI CC and MIDI Note messages to virtually control each preset within a bank. These messages can engage any press action on any switch which will fire any of the MIDI messages programmed to that preset/press action. See here for a complete list of MIDI messages that can be received by the Unity6.