USB Class Compliant Controller

The MCX is a USB class compliant MIDI controller that can be powered via the USB buss or with a standard 9V negative tip power supply.

Use the MCX to send messages to your favorite DAW, software plugin, Mac or PC. It can even receive CC & PC messages and relay them through the MCX to the 5-pin MIDI output jack. This can be useful to let software such as Ableton Live completely automate your pedal board and be completely in sync with your backing tracks. 

* In order to send MIDI clock from your Mac/PC you'll need to send a CC message to the MCX. Send CC #127 with a Value equal to your BPM on Channel #16 (example: CC #127 Value #72 Channel #16 equals 72 BPM). This will start the MIDI clock on the MCX. In order to stop the clock, send CC #127 Value #0 on Channel #16.

MCX - Ableton