Global Settings

Used to set specific parameters within the MCX.

The MCX has two features / options that can be toggled on/off via the global settings.

      • Auto Stop Clock - starts an internal timer every time the MIDI clock starts. After 5 seconds the timer will expire and the MIDI clock will stop. 5 seconds should be plenty of time for all of your devices to sync up, by chance this isn't long enough you can disable this feature.
      • Number of Banks - this sets the number of banks the MCX will scroll through when pressing or holding down all three buttons. The MCX has 8 banks of presets, if you do not want to scroll through all 8 banks, follow the steps below to select the desired number of banks.

To enter the global settings menu, simply hold down button A while the MCX is in startup mode (flashing LED's). While continuing to hold down button A, the following buttons will toggle the values for each feature.

      • Button B - By default the MCX will enable the Auto Stop Clock feature and the LED will be green. When pressing button B, the green LED will turn off and disable the Auto Stop Clock feature. Pressing button B again will turn on the green LED and enable the Auto Stop Clock feature.
      • Button C - By default the MCX scrolls through all 8 banks, the blue LED will flash 8 times with a 2 second pause after the 8th flash. Press the C button to select the number of banks the MCX will scroll through, the number of banks will be identified by the number of times the blue LED flashes.

To exit the global settings, simply release button A, the MCX will flash it's LED's and store your global settings into permanent memory.