Used to send a specific BPM

Sending a specific BPM via the Midi clock is easy, just enter values for Num1 and Num2. You can send BPM’s as whole numbers or fractions (see example below).

Example 1 (whole numbers): to send 72 BPM, enter 72 in the slot for Num1 and either leave Num2 empty or enter 0.

Example 2 (fractions): to send 72.8 BPM, enter 72 in the slot for Num1 and 8 in the slot for Num2

* MIDI Clock operates on a much higher voltage than traditional guitar signals, when sending Midi Clock you may experience a slight ticking noise in your signal chain. To reduce this noise make sure your MCX is on an isolated power supply. If you want to stop the ticking noise all together, you should assign a button to stop the Midi clock after your pedals have sync'd, or enable the "auto stop clock" feature in the global settings.