Decrement PC

Used to scroll down through a defined range of PC#’s

This message type is typically used to scroll through presets on your pedals. Simply enter the PC numbers in the slots for Start # and  Low Limit #, pick a counter to be used (1 thru 4), and the channel for which to send this message to.

The Start # will be the preset called up when first pressing the button assigned to this message type. The Low Limit # is the bottom range of what you want to scroll to, once you've reached the Low Limit # the next press of the button will cycle back up to the Start # and start the process over again.

The MCX has four unique counters on board, each counter is used to keep track of where you are at in the scrolling cycle. If you need to scroll presets on different pedals, make sure to assign each pedal a unique counter number.

* Often you may want to use two different press actions to scroll up and down presets, this can be done by assigning decrement PC to one switch and Increment PC to another switch, however make sure to assign both press actions to the same counter number so the scrolling functions as desired.