Setting Up Your HX Stomp

Let's take a moment and setup your HX Stomp to work with the Micro...

  1. On the Stomp, press <Page and Page> simultaneously to open the menu
  2. Press Page> and then press Knob 1 (Global Settings)
  3. Turn the Upper Knob to select the Footswitches menu
    1. Turn Knob 2 and assign FS3 function to Stomp 3
    2. Turn Knob 3 and assign FS4 function to Preset Down
    3. Press Page> and assign FS5 function to Preset Up
  4. Turn the Upper Knob to select the MIDI/Tempo menu
    1. Turn Knob 1 and confirm MIDI Base Channel is set to 1
  5. That's it! You are all setup to start using the Micro