Turning Off Double Press

In order for the Micro to tell the different between a single press and a double press, there is a little bit of timing magic that has to happen behind the scenes. Unfortunately this will cause a slight delay between the time you perform a single press and the time a block (or effect parameter) is changed. While this slight delay is minimal (1/2 of a second) this may be undesirable for some users. If you only need single press actions (access to 3 blocks) and not double press actions (access to 6 blocks) you can turn off the double press action (and it's respective delay) by following the steps below.

To enable or disable this feature, turn power off and back on to the Micro. While the Micro is in the startup phase (blinking LED's) press down button B and continue to hold it down. Once you are in the global settings (the LED will either be solid green or red) pressing button C will toggle the LED between red and green. If the LED is green, double press is enabled, if red, double press is disabled. Once you have reached your desired setting, simply release button B and the Micro will save your settings into permanent memory and exit the global settings.