The JET Micro HX 3.0 is a three button MIDI controller made specifically for the HX Stomp. The Micro comes pre-programmed to control all of the Stomp's "utility" features such as preset scrolling, tap tempo, tuner, snapshots, & looper controls. Alongside the pre-programmed "utility" features, you can also use the three buttons to bypass blocks and/or toggle effect parameters up/down for up to 6 individual blocks.

As an additional bonus, the JET Micro can also control limited functionality to several other popular MIDI enabled pedals such as Strymon, Eventide H9, Boss, GFI Systems, Source Audio, Chase Bliss, & Empress. The Micro will send PC messages on different MIDI channels to control up to 5 additional pedals whenever you engage Snapshots. Snapshot 1 will send out the first PC#, Snapshot 2 will send out the second PC#, and Snapshot 3 will send out the third PC#. Use our "MIDI Implementation Table" to see which MIDI channel you should set your other devices to for proper operation for each pedal manufacturer. Link to the "MIDI Implementation Table" can be found here:

*Note that this feature can be turned off in the Global Settings if desired.

We've also had a lot of customers ask about making one of the buttons in the red bank (Stomp Mode) be assignable to tap tempo, giving you access to an "always active" tap tempo button in lieu of having to navigate to the blue bank (Tap/Tuner Mode) to access the tap tempo. Now with the JET Micro HX 3.0 you can assign any of the three buttons (A, B, or C) to tap tempo, which can be setup within the Global Settings.