Green Bank (Looper Mode)

The green bank is dedicated to using the looper within the HX Stomp. Remember, in order to use the looper features you must have one of the blocks assigned to the "Looper" within the Stomp. All of the buttons listed below are pre-programmed and cannot be user assignable.

    • Short Press Button A - toggles between record and overdub
    • Short Press Button B - stops the active loop. If you press the record button (button A) after stopping the active loop, the Stomp will automatically erase the previous loop and begin to record a new loop. 
    • Short Press Button C - plays the recorded (or overdub'd) loop
    • Long Press Button B - stops the looper, exits the Green Bank, and returns back to the Red Bank
    • Long Press Button C - toggles between undo and redo the most recent loop
    • Double Press Button C - exits the looper bank and returns to red bank. If a loop is currently playing, you can exit the looper bank and use the red bank to toggle effects on/off while the loop is still playing. You must return to looper bank to stop the loop.