Navigating the Banks

The JET Micro has three different banks (Red, Green, & Blue), each bank is identified by the single color changing LED and offers unique features to control your HX Stomp.

When the pedal first powers up it will automatically pull up the red bank (Stomp Mode). To navigate from the red (Stomp Mode) and green (Looper Mode) banks, quickly press and release all 3 buttons simultaneously to enter the green bank. Once in the green bank, a double press of button C will exit and return to the red bank.

The blue bank (Tap/Tuner Mode) can be called up in either the red or green bank. To access the blue bank, simply press and hold all 3 buttons for at least 3/4 of a second and then release the buttons. To exit the blue bank, simply press the B button and the pedal will return to whichever bank you were previously in (red or green).