Program Change Messages

Receiving PC messages will recall the onboard presets stored within the Revelation.

  • PC #0 - Recalls the first preset (UV)
  • PC #1 - Recalls the second preset (Red)
  • PC #2 - Recalls the third preset (Green)
  • PC #3 - 124 Recalls the preset created by CC Snapshot (Blue)
    • In this mode all of the LED's will be blue and the knobs will be active in case you need to make changes on the fly. Since every preset 3-124 will be the same color, it may be hard to remember what's been saved to each preset location. No worries, if you move the knobs away from their original position, the color of the LED's will change and when moved back to the saved preset location the LED's light up blue again. For the Cntr1 knob (that doesn't have an illuminated knob) the Preset and Bypass LED's will go dim when moved away from the saved position and return to full brightness when you navigate back to the saved preset location.