The Tone Stack

The tone stack of the Lamb offers complete flexibility for maximum tone shaping. Inside the Lamb is a trim pot that is adjustable to set the overall presence of the Lamb, use this to fine tune your sound based on which amp and/or guitar combo you are using. The Lamb has the standard tone knob (low pass filter) found on all BluesBreaker type pedals, allowing you subtract or add treble frequencies. The gain knob also provides a dual role, at lower gain settings it adds bass and at higher settings it removes bass to eliminate flub or unwanted overloading of the low frequencies at high gains. We've also added a unique feature to the Lamb, a Mid Boost knob, which allows you to dial in just the right amount of mids to help cut through the mix. Think of the Mid Boost knob as a volume control, all the way to the left is off, turning clockwise will increase the amount of mids introduced into the signal path.