Changing the MIDI Channel

From the factory the Lamb is set to receive Midi messages on Midi channel 1, however this can be changed upon powering up the pedal. After applying power to the Lamb, hold down the Preset switch while the pedal is in startup mode (Volume & Mid Boost knobs are white and the Bypass and Preset LED's are flashing). While continuing to hold down on the Preset switch, the Bypass LED will flash the number of times equivalent to the Midi channel (set to 1 from the factory) and then will have a 2 second pause before flashing again. Simply press the Bypass switch to increment the Midi channel by 1, press as many times necessary to change to the correct Midi number. The numbers available on the Lamb are channels 1 thru 16, once you've reached number 16 the next press will start over again at number 1. Once you have the right number selected, just release the Preset switch to save this setting into permanent memory.