Changing the MIDI Channel

From the factory the Eternity is set to receive Midi messages on Midi channel 1, however this can be changed upon powering up the pedal. After applying power to the Eternity, hold down the Bypass switch while the pedal is in startup mode (Mix & Repeats knobs are scrolling thru the color spectrum). Once the LEDs turn a solid color, release the Bypass switch to enter the Global settings. Rotate the Cntrl1 knob and the Bypass LED will begin to blink between 1 and 16 times (depending on which channel is set by the knob). Rotate the Cntrl1 knob counter-clockwise to decrease the MIDI channel or clockwise to increase the MIDI channel. Once you've reached the desired channel (i.e. channel 6 means the LED will flash 6 times), hold the Bypass switch to exit the global settings and to save the Midi channel to permanent memory.