Gain Staging

When the pedal first powers on it fires up in the 25% Gain Stage (adjustable in global settings), long presses of the Bypass switch will cycle through each gain stage. A long press after reaching 100% Gain Stage will cycle back to the 25% Gain Stage. Increase the Gain knob slightly to add a bit more gain per each stage, this is useful for individual output levels on different guitars.

  • 25% (White LED) - 25% has been fine tuned to dial in an edge of breakup tone. This could be used as an always on tone shaping sound which has plenty of touch responsive dynamics. Play softly and remain your pure clean tone or dig in and achieve a bit of breakup.

  • 50% (Light Blue LED) - 50% has been tuned to represent a second stage overdrive tone. Thick but not too aggressive, can be used for full chords without getting muddy (think of using this during verses). Also used for a bit more breakup when single note melody lines are being played.
  • 75% (Purple LED) - 75% has been tuned to represent a third stage, stacked overdrive. Thick, saturated, and starting to get pretty aggressive. Best used with two or three note chord inversions (think of using this during the bridge).
  • 100% (Red LED) - 100% is full on lead tone, used for thick saturated single note lead lines (think of using this for solos or specific guitar parts meant to stand out in the mix).

* Turn the Gain knob fully counterclockwise for Gain Staging to work properly. To operate MR JAX manually, set the Gain Stage to 25% and adjust the Gain knob as desired.