The Distortion Circuits

The Lion has three different circuits which offer different levels of compression and clarity. By default the Lion loads up with symmetrical silicone diodes which offers the most amount of compression. Typically used for heavy, thick chording, or nice saturated lead lines. Then we offer asymmetrical clipping with silicone diodes, this offers a slightly less compressed sound for a more open feel which usually works great for rhythm chords or more open sounding lead lines. The last option is a pair of red LED's, these offer the least amount of compression and the most headroom giving your guitar a very open feel. Red LED's will give you a more vintage Marshall sound and/or that "classic distortion sound".

Each circuit offers varying amounts of headroom, so typically when switching between these circuits your output volume will jump around quite a bit. At JET Pedals, we've added our volume leveling technology (VLT) to each circuit so you don't experience any jumps in volume when switching between circuits. This allows you to really feel the difference between the various circuit types, rather than simply hearing a perceived difference with volume jumps.