MIDI Capabilities

The Unity6 has a total of 127 banks, each bank has 5 presets, and each preset can send 32 individual MIDI messages on a single press.

A preset is tied to a footswitch and the BPM dial, yes even the BPM dial doubles as a footswitch and can send 32 individual MIDI messages!

Each preset has 8 different press actions (press, release, long press, double tap, etc.) that can be programmed to it, see the complete list of press actions here. You can group any or all of the 32 available MIDI messages to each individual press action, for example 14 MIDI messages tied to the press, 2 tied to the long press, 8 tied to the double tap, and so on. This allows you to get super creative and get the most use out of a single switch/preset.

Every time a bank is activated the Unity6 will fire up to 16 individual MIDI messages. This is useful for loading up dedicated sounds on your pedals for the intro of a song or to be used for anything you can think of.

Each preset also has 8 individual MIDI messages that can be used with each of the 2 expression pedals. Each MIDI message can be assigned to any MIDI channel and also have its own minimum and maximum values.

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