Revelation Reverb V2.0

Overview, Features, and how to use the JET Revelation Reverb V2.0


Basic overview and features of the JET Revelation Reverb



The Revelation V2.0 builds on the ever popular Revelation Reverb. Upgrades include true stereo in's & out's, three user selectable algorithms, three user selectable presets, soft click bypass switching, multi-colored LED's showing preset and algorithm status, & press-n-hold for infinite bloom decay. Now available with full Midi integration, control every switch, knob, algorithm, preset, etc. Now you can have access to unlimited presets with the use of a smart Midi controller that is capable of sending multiple simultaneous Midi messages, or with our revolutionary CC Snapshot feature you can save 125 on-board presets!



Operating your JET Revelation

How to use the JET Revelation

Operating your JET Revelation

Using the Pedal

Mix Knob

The mix knob controls the overall blend between the wet and dry signal. Fully counterclockwise is 100% dry signal and no reverb will pass to the output jacks. Fully clockwise is 100% wet signal and no dry signal will pass to the output jacks. A 50/50 mix is approximately 10 to 11:00.

Decay Knob

The decay knob effects how long the reverb trails. The range is from 50 milliseconds to over 1 minute.

Cntrl 1 Knob

The control knob function changes depending on the algorithm:

Using the Soft-Click Switches

To engage the revelation, do a short press of the bypass switch. The bypass LED will turn on and all three knobs will be active. You can dial in the sounds any way you like as you are in Live Mode. To switch between Live Mode and Preset Mode, do a short press of the preset switch. The preset LED will turn on and all the knobs will be locked/inactive. To exit Preset Mode, just press the preset switch again and all knobs will be back to Live Mode.

Our soft click Bypass and Preset switches are smart switches which have several different timed based functions to control various features of the pedal. Since there is a lot of time based magic happening behind the scenes, please note that it is possible to rapidly press the switch so fast that it will not recognize the press. A good solid press should be sufficient to engage the Bypass or Preset switch.

Time based functions are as follows:

Operating your JET Revelation

Saving Presets

To enter "Preset Save Mode", press and hold both the Bypass and Preset switch for longer than 2 seconds and upon releasing both switches the Bypass LED will begin to flash confirming you are in "Preset Save Mode".

Once in "Preset Save Mode" a short press of the Preset switch will change the preset location (Mix LED will change colors) and a short press of the Bypass switch will change the algorithm (Decay LED will change colors). Call up your desired algorithm, preset location, and dial in the positions of each knob. Press and hold the Preset switch for at least 2 seconds to save that preset and stay in "Preset Save Mode". If you wish to save the current preset and exit "Preset Save Mode", hold down both the Preset switch and Bypass switch for at least 2 seconds. Upon releasing the Bypass LED will stop flashing confirming you've exited "Preset Save Mode".

To exit "Preset Save Mode" without saving over any previously stored presets, press and hold the Bypass switch for longer than 2 seconds and upon releasing the Bypass switch you will exit the "Preset Save Mode"

MIDI Features and Controls

Library of MIDI commands and how to program your JET Revelation.

MIDI Features and Controls

How to Connect

Midi communication to the Revelation conforms to the specification for TRS to Midi adapters issued by the Midi Association. So what does this mean for me? In order to communicate via Midi you will need either a 5 pin to 1/4" TRS adapter cable that is wired to the TRS specification (link to a compatible cable found here) or if you wish to make your own patch cables, a link to the wiring diagram and the midi specification can be found here. You can also use a midi box/ hub that converts 5 pin Midi to multiple TRS outputs, like the Traffic Control from JET or similar boxes from Strymon or Morningstar. You could also use a compatible Midi controller with TRS midi output's like the Futurist by Matthews Effects or various controllers by Morningstar.

MIDI Features and Controls

Changing the MIDI Channel

From the factory the Revelation is set to receive Midi messages on Midi channel 1, however this can be changed upon powering up the pedal. After applying power to the Revelation, hold down the Preset switch while the pedal is in startup mode (Mix & Decay knobs are white and the Bypass and Preset LED's are flashing). While continuing to hold down on the Preset switch, the Bypass LED will flash the number of times equivalent to the Midi channel (set to 1 from the factory) and then will have a 2 second pause before flashing again. Simply press the Bypass switch to increment the Midi channel by 1, press as many times necessary to change to the correct Midi number. The numbers available on the Revelation are channels 1 thru 16, once you've reached number 16 the next press will start over again at number 1. Once you have the right number selected, just release the Preset switch to save this setting into permanent memory.

MIDI Features and Controls

Saving Presets Via MIDI

You have two options for creating presets. The first option is to use a "smart" midi controller that can send multiple simultaneous midi messages. Just send individual CC messages to turn the Bypass switch on, select the algorithm, and set the values for each knob. 

The second option is to use our revolutionary CC Snapshot feature. While in Live Mode, select your desired algorithm and then set all of the knobs to their desired positions. From there just send midi CC #28 with any Value from 3 thru 124. The pedal will then take a snapshot of its algorithm and knob positions, after that the knobs will flash green letting you know the preset has been saved into permanent memory. To recall this preset, just send a PC message with the same number used for the Value when sending CC #28.

Example: send CC #28 Value 10 to save a preset in the 10th slot. Send PC #10 to recall the new preset.

The JET Revelation can save 125 onboard presets (0 thru 124).

MIDI Features and Controls

Program Change Messages

Receiving PC messages will recall the onboard presets stored within the Revelation.

MIDI Features and Controls

Control Change Messages

Receiving CC messages will control the individual controls, knobs, and switches of the Revelation


Frequently asked questions


How many presets can I save on the pedal?

The Non-Midi Revelation can save 3 presets onboard. The first three presets can be saved by using the buttons and knobs on the pedal.

The MIDI-Enabled Revelation can save 125 presets. The first three presets can be saved by using the buttons and knobs on the pedal. The remaining 122 presets can be saved using a MIDI controller.


Are there reverb trails when switching between presets?

When switching between modes (Live or Preset) or switching between presets, the pedal automatically enters a "graceful transition" state, the Preset LED will begin to flash letting you know that the Decay knob is gracefully returning to its new setting. This only applies when staying within the same algorithm, if you're switching between algorithm, you will not have reverb trails.


Does the Revelation go 100% wet?

Yes, the mix knob ranges from 0 (100% dry) to 100% wet.


Can I use the Revelation in Mono?

Yes, using the L input and the L output will run the Revelation in mono. Anytime you plug into the R input, it pulls up the stereo algorithms on the pedal. 

You can also use the Revelation with mono input and stereo output by plugging into the L input and then using both outputs on the Revelation.


Why is my Revelation not responding to MIDI messages?

Currently there are multiple types of wiring options for cables and connectors. We comply to the MIDI specifications for TRS standards, meaning the tip is active, the ring requires 5 volts and the sleeve is grounded. It is likely that the cable you're using does not meet these standards. Please contact us for recommendations on cables.


Why is my Revelation acting funny when I plug it in?

If your Revelation is making a funny noise or the LEDs are flashing white, it is likely that your power supply isn't providing enough power. The Revelation requires at least 200ma to function properly. Please check your power supply and make sure you're not plugged into a 100ma port. Under powering your pedal for any period of time can damage the unit and will void your warranty.