Frequently asked questions

What are the Power Requirements for the New Revelation?

The New Revelation requires a 9 volt DC negative tip power supply that is rated for at least 300mA of current. Powering the New Revelation above 9 volts will result in damage to the pedal. We recommend using an isolated power supply with the New Revelation being powered from its own port. Daisy chaining power can result in unwanted noise in your signal path.

How Many Presets can be Saved to the New Revelation?

The New Revelation can store up to 127 presets on the pedal. The first six presets can be created and stored using the knobs and switches on the pedal. The remainder of the presets (7-127) can be created and stored using a MIDI controller using CC messages.

Can I use the New Revelation in Mono? Or does it have to be used in Stereo?

The New Revelation can be used with any board/setup including mono, stereo, or stereo inputs with sum to mono output.

***When using the New Revelation in mono, use the Left inputs and outputs only. When using the New Revelation to sum to mono, using the Left output will sum both outputs to mono.

Are There Trails When Switching Algorithms or Bypassing the New Revelation?

When switching between modes (Live or Preset) or switching between presets, the pedal automatically enters a "graceful transition" state, the Bypass LED will begin to flash letting you know that the Decay knob is gracefully returning to its new setting. This only applies when staying within the same algorithm and staying on the same pre delay setting. If you're switching between algorithms or pre delay settings, you will not have delay trails.

When bypassing the New Revelation, trails will always be active.

I Hear a Weird Noise, What Can I Do?

Most often, noise issues are related to the power supply feeding the New Revelation. The first thing to check, does the power supply meet the requirements to power the pedal (9V DC 300mA). Supplying voltage above 9 volts can damage the pedal and supplying 9V with not enough current capacity (300mA) will cause unpredictable behavior and noise issues.

Is the pedal being supplied with its own isolated power port (no daisy chaining). Daisy chaining power from pedal to pedal can introduce unwanted noise.