Operating your Lamb Overdrive

How to use the Lamb Overdrive

Using the Pedal

Volume Knob

Used to set the overall output volume of the Lamb. 

Gain Knob

Used to set the amount of gain/breakup of the Lamb.

Tone Knob

Used to add or remove high frequencies from the Lamb. Counterclockwise removes highs and clockwise adds highs to your signal path.

Mid Boost Knob

Used to add the all important mid frequencies to the Lamb. The specific frequency has been fine tuned and is set to help your guitar cut thru the mix. Think of this knob as a volume knob for your mids, fully counterclockwise your tone is unaltered, as your turn it clockwise it will add more and more mids to your signal path.

Lead Boost

Double tap the Preset switch to auto engage the Lead Boost, once engaged the Preset LED will begin to flash indicating the Lead Boost is engaged. To exit the Lead Boost, simply press the Preset Switch.

The volume of the Lead Boost is user definable and can be changed/stored in permanent memory via the configuration menu at startup. The Lead Boost can be adjusted from 1 thru 4, by default it is set to 1 from the factory. This can be changed upon powering up the pedal. After applying power to the Lamb, hold down the Bypass switch while the pedal is in startup mode (Volume & Mid Boost knobs are white and the Bypass and Preset LED's are flashing). While continuing to hold down on the Bypass switch, the Preset LED will flash the number of times equivalent to the Lead Boost (set to 1 from the factory) and then will have a 2 second pause before flashing again. Simply press the Preset switch to increment the Lead Boost by 1, press as many times necessary to change to the desired setting. Once you've reached number 4 the next press will start over again at number 1. Once you have the right number selected, just release the Bypass switch to save this setting into permanent memory.

The Workflow

The workflow of the Lamb is similar to our Revelation Reverb, you have a "Live" mode and a "Preset" mode. When you press the Bypass switch, you will be in "Live" mode, the knobs will all be active and you can adjust to your desired sound. Pressing the Preset switch will jump into "Preset" mode, when here you immediately jump to the cue'd up preset and the knobs now become inactive. Pressing the "Preset" switch again will disengage the "Preset" mode and you immediately jump back to "Live" mode.

Just like our super popular Revelation Reverb, the Volume knob and the Mid Boost knob are illuminated with multi-colored LED's to indicate the status of which preset is cue'd up as well as which circuit the "Live" mode is in. To switch between circuits, simply do a long press (press and hold for at least ½ of a second) of the Bypass switch. Upon releasing the switch the LED on the Mid Boost knob will change colors indicating that you've changed circuits. To switch between presets, and/or cue up your desired preset while in "Live" mode, simply do a long press of the Preset switch. Upon releasing the switch the LED on the Volume knob will change colors indicating that you've either jumped to the next preset (while in "Preset" mode) or have cue'd up the next preset while in "Live" mode.

The colors of each knob are as follows:

Using the Soft-Click Switches

Our soft click Bypass and Preset switches are smart switches which have several different timed based functions to control various features of the pedal. Please note the following time based functions





Saving Presets

To enter "Preset Save Mode", press and hold both the Bypass and Preset switch until the Bypass LED will begin to flash, confirming you are in "Preset Save Mode".